First, read through the FAQ for pricing info and general policies.
This is the link to the proposal form:

The form is open and will lock at 11:59pm EST on Saturday, June 29th!

How to submit a proposal that gets chosen (or, what Eve is interested in this round):

You may be as brief or as detailed as you like in your proposal.  A few sentences really is fine, and can definitely get you a spot!  The content is what matters.  More specific and unusual content is much more interesting than generic.  Eve is interested in taking on larger scale work with fine-line detail featuring natural elements like flora and fauna, the female figure, and insects.

Scale and placements that Eve is excited to work on this round!

Priority list
: Sternum pieces, full sleeve arms, full back compositions, long arm compositions, other compositions on arms and legs.

Large and medium pieces will receive priority, although she will accept a balance of unique smaller work as well this round.  

What to do if your proposal does or does not get chosen:

First, this is just a short window.  There aren’t very many available slots compared to the proposals.  Every single one of you has a good idea that would be amazing to work on. Please try again in the next rounds!

If your proposal is accepted, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions on how to schedule.  At the time of scheduling a deposit will be required to hold your appointment.

If your proposal was accepted, it means that proposal was accepted.  If you decide after getting booked that you changed your mind about a main element in your piece, or the placement or scale, it will be re-evaluated against the rest of the original proposals. Considering the small percentage of pieces that are accepted, it is only fair for everyone.  Please really consider the placement and the elements you are interested in prior to sending the proposal in, and make sure to read over all of the policies on the FAQs.


If you have any questions after reading this page and the FAQ, you may ask them through the form at the bottom of the FAQ page.  No proposal proofread requests, please. 

Eve is so excited to work with you all and make some really cool pieces with you!