Are you traveling with short notice?  Can you just not wait months until the next booking period and then months until your appointment?  Do you need a certain special date for a certain special reason?

We are now offering an expedited booking service for people in your situation!  It's not intended to replace the traditional booking method, but to add a way for those of you with a limited window of time in NYC to get into the books, without months of pre-planning.

The cost is a $500 express fee with at least two weeks notice.  We will do whatever is possible to accommodate requests with two weeks notice.  If you have less than two weeks, you may contact to inquire about the schedule, and if timing allows, we will send you a personalized quote.

Your express booking is subject to approval based on the schedule - it is not guaranteed until you've heard back a personal confirmation.  At time of confirmation, the $500 nonrefundable fee must be paid to hold your slot.

Request your express appointment with Pony Reinhardt today by filling out the following form!

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We'll be more likely to find a date that works for you if you give several dates to choose from or a window of time!
Include subject matter, size, and placement on the body.
Please note if budget is strict or an ideal range if flexible. Budget may be used to determine the scale and detail level possible for your design. Besides the obvious differences of scale, higher budgets can accommodate black-fill, thinner lines, stippling, and higher levels of detail. More details may be found on under FAQ.
I understand that in order to jump ahead months in the schedule and bypass the application process, there is a fee of $500 in addition to the cost of the tattoo. *
I understand that there is a traditional method of booking that does not cost an additional fee that I'm welcome to apply for. *
Information about this can be found on the Booking Info page.