These FAQs are for PONY REINHARDT - for guest artists, contact them via their contact info on The Artists page

How do I schedule an appointment with you?

Check out the Booking Info page for up to date information!  
New clients will be accepted for Fall/Winter 2018/19 in NYC on June 2nd, 2018 at noon EST.
Follow the
IG for updates.

What are your rates?
The pricing is tiered, rewarding longer sessions.
The first three hours (per sitting) are $450/hr + drawing fee.
Your fourth hour (per sitting), and any additional time is only $400/hr!

There is a 2 hour (or $1000) minimum.

For examples of how long certain pieces take, check out this page!

Cash is preferred, but we can accommodate cards as well!

What is the drawing fee?
Custom concept work smaller than 8.5x11" costs a flat $100 drawing fee.  
Pieces larger than 8.5x11" cost a flat $200 drawing fee.
Pieces larger than 11x17" cost a flat $300 drawing fee.
*This includes one sketch/mock-up, one set of revisions if necessary, and one final inked drawing.  
*These are special drawing rates for clients receiving tattoos.  If you are interested in a design without receiving the tattoo, see the next question.

I can't travel to your studio - Can I commission a drawing to have tattooed by someone else?
Can I get a design you've already done tattooed? 

I do not recommend this at all!  You should work with an artist whose skills you trust and respect.  If you trust their skills to reproduce my drawing, then trust them to create an original drawing!  You will offend them if you bring them somebody else's work instead of wanting to work with their artistic vision.  If you do bring an image of a tattoo to a tattoo artist who did not design it and they agree to copy it, not only will you not get what you expect, they are also demonstrating their questionable values.  I would not get any work from them.  

Almost all designs you see of mine are original designs for clients and are strictly not to be reproduced.  Follow along on IG: freeorgy to see when my travel dates are posted and I may come to a city near you!

Are you coming to my city soon?

At this time I have no specific plans to tattoo while traveling, but I will announce it when I do again in the future.  If it is important to you to have my work, please wait until I can visit your city, or save up for an exciting trip to my studio!   Follow along on IG: freeorgy for the most up to date announcements regarding travel.

I'm going to be in town before your next booking day - can I get a tattoo?

Due to the frequency of this situation, we are now offering a special Express Booking.  This is not intended to replace traditional booking, but if you are in a time crunch, we will attempt to accommodate your request.  Please visit the Express Booking page for details.

I e-mailed you yesterday and haven't heard back - when will I hear back?

I get a lot of e-mails and I'm often too busy to respond right away. I'm sorry about that! I respond to all e-mails in the order they are received. Unless your tattoo is coming up within the week, please allow a few weeks for a response.  If two weeks go by and you don't receive a response, please feel free to send a little follow-up to make sure the first e-mail was received!  Thanks for your patience!

What do I need to tell you about my design?

I think of the tattoos as a spell - there are three parts: ingredients, intention, and ritual.  The ritual is what we do on the day of your appointment.  The intention is something you may choose to share or keep inside - it may even be completely subconscious.  And then there's the ingredients.  
My favorite way to design your piece is with a list of specific subject matter, especially when paired with an overarching concept or story.  Then I have the freedom to assemble the parts and the root of the story to add details if needed.  I love mythologies and interesting stories rooted in history or science.

I can create original artwork based on whatever you give me.  
However if you have something specific in mind, try your best to communicate!
As flattering as it is, I can't work with "I like everything you do, I'll let you do whatever you want."  Sorry! 

When describing the piece that you want, try to think if you want "flowers" or if you want "a yellow daffodil, jacob's ladder, and two roses."  
Both descriptions are enough for me to work with, but will affect the drawing that you get!
Keep in mind:
If your first description only says "flowers" and I make you a design with roses, and after you receive it you say, I meant "a yellow daffodil and jacob's ladder" - this may count as a new design depending on how much requires changing.

If you have reference images, photos, other tattoos you admire, your pinterest, etc, that all helps me know what you are thinking.  
Even better, if you do have a specific layout in mind, stick figures are great! Send a little doodle of what you're thinking and I'll make it a reality.
Basic questions to think about - size and placement? Do you want just blackwork/linework? Do you want stipple shading or engraving style texture?
If you're not sure how to describe the style you're interested in, it never hurts to include an image of an existing piece and say "I like this style."

When will I see sketches and the finalized drawing?

Before your appointment I'll be in touch via e-mail with a sketch or a mock-up - this may be one or a few days before your appointment.  BEFORE you receive this sketch or mockup you should clarify any major thoughts about the design for yourself and for me (i.e. if the central element of your piece is a dog and you decide you want a snake instead - let me know before I send sketches, please!  Same goes with major changes of placement or scale.).  At this point you can tell me any additional thoughts about the design and any needed tweaks can be tweaked.  The final inked design will be available for you to see at the appointment.  Unfortunately at this time I simply can't send out finished designs weeks or months ahead of your appointment - if that is something that you need (which is okay - everybody is different!), please be upfront with yourself about it before booking with me.

What if I don't like the drawing? Can I change it?

Of course! It's going on your body forever - I want you to be happy.  One drawing (sketch/mock-up and inked version) is included in your drawing fee! Altering the size of the design is always free.
Minor changes may be accommodated at my discretion.  If the change requires more than half of the drawing to be re-drawn after inking, or excessive revisions during the sketching/mock-up process, it will be an additional drawing fee. (This is why it's important to thoroughly consider your design before beginning the design process!)

What kind of ink do you use? Is it vegan?

I use Eternal Ink for my colors and Kuro Sumi for my blacks. Both are vegan with plant based glycerin.

I'm scheduled and I love the design - now what?

Stay hydrated, eat well, get lots of rest! Take care of yourself the week before getting a tattoo, the day of, and throughout the healing process.
On the day of your tattoo make sure you eat breakfast/lunch, and feel free to pack some snacks if it's going to be a long session.  Avoid alcohol, blood-thinning medications, and limit caffeine consumption on the day of your tattoo.
Avoid coming in hungover - it will hurt more during the process and won't heal as well afterward.
You do not need to arrive early, but please be on time!  Often artists are working on more than one client per day, and if you are late, it may shift the entire schedule.

I can't make my appointment! What can I do?

With at least 72 hours notice, your deposit may be used to reschedule to another date in the next round of booking (or be added to cancellation waitlist). If you cancel your appointment with less than 72 hours notice you are forfeiting your deposit.  If you cancel your appointment after mock-ups or sketches have been sent to you, the deposit may only be used to reschedule the design we have been working on together.  Of course sometimes things do come up beyond any of our control, and I'm not a mean person - please just communicate and we can usually work something out.

What do I do once the tattoo is done?

You can see my aftercare recommendations here!


Are you hiring?  Do you take guest artists?

We welcome guest artists and will accept applications for full-time artists!  You don't need X years of experience, but your work must be technically excellent and your creativity should be pushing the limits.  If you think we'd be a great match together, send an e-mail with your portfolio to
At this time we are not looking for any shop managers or apprentices.  


And other questions not answered above, please use the form on the right.