We love when you send healed photos!
Photographing a tattoo well can be a different exercise than generally photographing a portrait well - so here are a few simple tips to get a very clear and helpful healed photo.


Selfies of tattoos are very tricky!
Have a friend take the photo of you to get a clear angle without distortion and avoid the front-facing camera.


No need to use any studio lighting or flash - natural light is best and very easy if you find the right spot!
Tattoos are reflective, so the less direct light you have, the better.
Shoot on a cloudy, overcast day and anywhere will work.
On a brighter day, move fully into the even shadow of a building. Angle the tattoo towards the light source.


Stand natural and relaxed a few feet in front of a neutral background.
If you are using a DLSR, use a shallow depth of field to neutralize any background.
A plain wall works great - avoid a wall with stripes, bricks, or grids.
Avoid distracting backgrounds such as a full room or a view down the street.
If you stand directly in front of the wall, your body will cast a strong shadow.
If you stand too far, you risk adding the distracting elements.
About 3 feet in front is usually the sweet spot.
The photographer should be a few feet from you as well - not too close, not too far - at a height parallel to the height of the tattoo.



Lifestyle shots are really cool to see in addition! Keep the same things in mind - avoid harsh direct sun and overly distracting backgrounds but play with it!