How to submit a proposal (the technical stuff):

First, read through the FAQ.

This is the link to the proposal form:

It is not live yet.  It will not be live until November 16th 2019 at noon EST.
When it goes live you will see a form that looks like this:

There should be no character limit.

The form will lock at 11:59pm on Saturday, November 23. 

Hopefully this will allow everyone a fair chance to get their proposal in, regardless of browser speed or finger clicking agility. 

How to submit a proposal that gets chosen (or, what I’m interested in this round):

You may be as brief or as detailed as you like in your proposal.  A few sentences really is fine, and can definitely get you a spot!  The content is what matters.  More specific and unusual content is much more interesting to me than generic.  (If your proposal is “flowers” it will not be picked – I’m sorry!  If you are interested in florals, tell me what kind of florals.  If you are interested in animals, tell me what kind of animals, etc)  I prefer mammals, skeletal creatures, prehistoric creatures, or creatures from mythology/folklore/cryptozoology over birds and reptiles as the main subject.  I do not do human figures, and botanicals should not be the primary subject.

By now you know what kind of stuff I’m interested in.  I love doing work that is related to themes that you’ve seen in my work (cosmic creatures, mystical nature, macabre engravings, creepy crawlies, surreal pieces), but I love even more doing ideas and specific subject matter that I haven’t yet tackled, or in a new and fresh way.  

Scale and placement is a very big factor in determining which pieces I want to work on!

Priority list
, in this order: chest pieces, full back piece, hands, both calves, both forearms, sternum, spine, upper back centered, extra long leg, xl full body unique placement, calf, forearm, upper arm half-sleeve, thigh

Small and Medium pieces will receive priority for early 2019!

Large and extra-large pieces will receive priority for FALL, although I will accept some unique smaller work as well this round.  
I'm especially interested in working on large torso pieces (full chest/front, full back, large upper chest) as well as large scale designs that work in unique ways with the body (extra long pieces on the spine or the length of the leg, or the entire body etc).  If your piece will take more than 6 hours, please prepare to book two sessions (if traveling, multiple sessions may be done in the same week with appropriate notice).  I'm also very interested in working on some sets of hands this round.

I prefer pieces that are symmetrically placed on the body.  I’m especially interested in the center of the torso (spine, full back, chest, sternum, stomach) as well as matching/related pieces (both calves, both hands, both forearms, etc).

I will not be doing text, coverups, or integrating existing pieces by other artists.  Sorry!  

What to do if your proposal does not get chosen:

Almost every single one of you has a good idea that I’d love to work on, even if it didn’t get chosen for this round. There are extremely limited available slots compared to the proposals received. I encourage you to take a second look at your proposal and resubmit in the next booking round. Certain placements, scales, and content are higher on the priority list each round and it does change with time. Generally I work on larger scale projects as my highest priority, but occasionally accept very interesting smaller scale work. If your work is very simple or significantly under 2 hours, it may be a better fit for one of our other amazing artists. Additionally, check FAQs to make sure your target budget meets the artists’ minimum.

What to do if your proposal does get chosen:

If your proposal is accepted, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions on how to schedule.  At the time of scheduling a deposit will be required to hold your appointment.
If your proposal was accepted, it means that proposal was accepted.  If you decide after getting booked that you changed your mind about a main element in your piece, or the placement or scale, or that it’s actually a cover-up, it will be re-evaluated against the rest of the original proposals. Considering the small percentage of pieces that are accepted, it is only fair for everyone.  Please really consider the placement and the elements you are interested in prior to sending the proposal in.  Ideas do evolve and grow over time – and that is completely fine to a natural degree.  Of course I want to give you the piece that you truly want.  But no bait and switch, please

If you have any questions after reading this page and the FAQ, you may ask them through the form at the bottom of the FAQ page! 

I’m so excited to work with you all and make some really cool pieces together!

Traveling with short notice?  Can't wait that long?  Don't want to play the booking game?  
You may be interested in the Express Booking option.  For details, check out this page!