Pony reinhardt is the curator of tenderfoot studio.

Pony Reinhardt is an astral ruffian, thriving in the wilderness of the lost and found nebulae and dripping carbon monoxide. Her art is a cosmic cataclysm of the Ghastly Phantastic.  View her fine art at The Lost Fur.  

Pony has shown in the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art and her awards include US Presidential Scholar of the Arts, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship, and The National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts Silver Award.

Her body of tattoo work is built on a framework of ritual placemats and alchemical diagrams.  Each piece is a synergy of elemental spell materials, drawing inspiration from the natural world.  


A-B M is an interdisciplinary artist from North Carolina who specializes in illustrative, fine-line blackwork tattoos. A-B graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013 with a BFA in painting, and has exhibited work in Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Oakland.  They began tattooing in the winter of 2014, learning and sharing skills of the trade amongst artists and friends on the east coast before chasing the sun to California in 2015. The necessity to integrate this intimate art form into a sustainable practice motivated A-B to perfect their craft by pursuing formal training in Oregon, where A-B is now a licensed tattoo artist at Tenderfoot Studio in Portland.  Check out their full portfolio and learn about their booking process here: https://www.abmtattoo.com/


Ben Lopez

September 28th-October 4th 2016

Ben Lopez is an artist from Melbourne, Australia. Focusing on black line/dot work, his tattoos are inspired by nature, surrealism & other worlds. 

Check out his website and instagram for more!

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.29.23 AM.png

June Osaki

October 3rd-8th 2016

Hello, friends! I am a traveling artist from Minneapolis. I primarily work in black with a style described as linework, etching, woodcut, blackwork, etc. and mostly design pieces inspired by nature, animals, life, death, and the weird. My website is www.skinpapercloth.com which has information about booking. My email is junkotattoo@gmail.com.

Thank you!

Alice Guerin

October 5-10th 2016

Alice is a contemporary tattooist from the no-coast. She owns and runs a small, pink, appointment-only tattoo shop called Knot Eye Studio in Indianapolis, IN, and has been tattooing professionally for four years. After graduating with a BFA in drawing and sculpture from Herron School of Art and Design, she began focusing on super detailed, etching-style surrealistic naturalism, combining organics and textures with a botanical overtone. To see more examples of her black work, color work, and sketches, pop over to KnotEyeStudio.com or her instagram @knoteyetattoo, and feel free to email her for bookings at AliceGuerinTattoo@Gmail.com.

Noel'le Longhaul

November 7th-21st 2016

Noel'le Longhaul is a self-taught outsider tattoo artist. Holding a BFA in printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design, she developed her tattoo practice in the cultural margins of train riding, DIY, and queer witchcraft over the course of several years before surfacing to work visibily in the tattoo industry. Since coming above ground almost two years ago, her work and ideas have been highlighted via interviews and articles from Tattrx, Vice, Take Magazine, Dazed and Confused, and many more. She believes that tattooing has the potential to ritualize the intersection of her narrative with the narratives of her clients, and thus function as a means of radical empathic support. 
Check out her instagram for more!

If you feel like we'd make great work together, send an e-mail with a link to your portfolio to ponytattoos@gmail.com !

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